Gylp&Glamour – English

VisitkortAt Gylp&Glamour, it's ALL about the family!
Our main focus is testing high quality products for homes with kids.
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Who's behind G&G:
Line, age 34 (1983), mom of a daughter from 2012. 
I run the website 100 % now, but my ex-husband has been on the project  with product testing and pictures too, from 2013 til 2016. He now runs, a blog about fatherhood, transgender life and surviving a childhood outside your family home. 
What motivates me: 
I have a great passion for good quality, and 'the innovative idea'.
It has become my hobby to find quality products, that suits all of my demands, down to the tiny details. 
I know the value of quality products and have respect for the process in the making of such, for a price that makes sense for both seller and buyer. 
Follow us: 
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And a quick note:
We always clearly state whether we are product-sponsored or not. We never get paid. We write what we actually mean, and we always test in a constructive manner. We do not earn anything if a product is sold based on our test.