Product Policy

visitkort gylp&glamour gylpogglamour gylpogglamour.dkGylp&Glamour concept: 
Our main focus is testing high quality products for homes with kids. Read more about it in our about us.
Your product on our site:
If you want your product tested by us, let us know by this mail, after reading these important notes below:
We preferably test products which (as a minimum) match one of the criterias below: 
Danish or Scandinavian design, organic, sustainable, allergy-friendly, motoric developing for kids, wooden products or products especially developed for kids and their parents. (Plastic products must be non-toxic according to new standards.) 
Do not send us anything not approved, as this will become an extra bill for us. 
If in doubt about your product comparabilty with our site, mail us anyway, and we will let you know asap. 
We will supply you with all of the details regarding legally optionally sponsored products for our giveaways, who sends what, and so on… when we reply to your mail.